Mittwoch, 18. Mai 2016

Is there such thing as a normal day?

This is my last day in New Zealand and it is a day like none before. I really don't know if there is such thing as a normal day. We might be doing what we always do, going to the places we alway go and meeting the same people, but every day is one of a kind still. I admit that I am often too blind to see the little things that make my days -and my life - distinctive. Today, I have decided to be intentional - more than yesterday- and pay attention. 

I am at Millers, -one last time- having a delicious flat white. I can feel the coffein-flash making me even more sensitive to the people around me. Scraps of conversation, the roasting machine in the background and the sound of coffee making provoke me to realize that I don't know anything about my fellow men.
The lady that is entering the place, I've seen here before and yes, she recognizes me too, smiles at me.

This week, someone told me a story of how a small little thing I did, years ago, had blessed her and I understand that we do not need to invent a new medicine to impact the lives of those around us.  :)
It's the bits and bobs that change the world as well.
What is it, that makes this day exceptional? Can you grasp it?
It might as well be you...

Andreea = )

PS:  I am happy for adjustments( grammar e.g)...just leave me a comment.

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