Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2014

I hate goodbyes...

IMany people come and go. Only some leave their traces, like ornaments woven into the fabric of our life.

 We tend to often focus on the dark patterns, but I am very aware, of the beauty of the golden ones. 
Those people- from several weeks young to way ahead of me - who have come close enough to make their home in my heart, leave their precious traces, have impacted my way of thinking and living, shaped me, to be the person I am today.
 I love to ponder on the beauty and worth of such companions. Some have left their marks long ago and some just recently, and even though my heart seems to break, whenever we're heading for different directions, I choose to not protect my heart from pain, but I am determined to love, again.
In the past, I must admit, I have tried to protect my heart against the wrench,-and every now and then I'm very tempted to do it again-, it works, but not without the collateral damage of hardening my heart against it's original mission. 
It is painful to let go. 
It is unspeakably painful to see friends depart. 
But how terrible, to keep our heart from its original purpose. 
Hearts are meant to love. They are meant to love unconditionally and abundantly. Hearts are made, to bear up against the pain of goodbyes. 

How sorrowful to lose a friend, but how desolate to never be one. 
May I encourage you, to let go of your defense, open your heart and invite people in. They will redecorate it, paint the walls, rearrange the furniture, and as they depart, leave you enriched, with memories and stories to tell.

I hate goodbyes, but I love to be alive. 
Andreea =)