Sonntag, 7. September 2014

The perfect summer day - to me ;)

Let's gather up what I need to experience the perfect summer day: 
Sun, of course.
Coffee, totally.
Friends, inevitable.
Swimming in the river Rhine, basic.
BBQ and fire, yeah right !
Today has reconciled me with this years' summer.

Today has been the perfect summer day, to me.
Starting with the peace of the morning, with birds singing and the fresh breeze from the garden flavoring the air, as I connected with my beloved father in heaven.
After a short, but delicious breakfast: church !!! I missed it and I loved it! There is no place I'd rather be, on a Sunday morning :))
Lunch and coffee with such precious friends, that words fail to express..

Is there more? Yes indeed. Swimming in the river Rhine - actually a synonym to summer ;) - and an unexpected encounter. Perfect, and when this day seems to be unbeatable... BBQ and fire!

I am blessed and grateful. 
The only thing that could be added, would be sleeping beneath the stars with my beloved daughter Johanna, BUT here I am reminded that this summer is actually unworthy to be called summer... Our mattresses -the ones we keep outside for these occasions - got mouldy. 
Still...Thank GOD for this wonderful day.

Andreea = )