Donnerstag, 5. Mai 2016

A marvelous moment

Sitting at the cliff, with my eyes closed. I want to experience this moment and this place.
All at once, I am aware of the rock I am sitting on. The little stone in my hand is sharp and rough. 
I feel my hand, resting in my lap.
I can hear the breeze whispering to me and its touch on my arms, gentle, like a caress.
Surprised by the weight of my handbag, I put it down.
Oh how I love the scent of the sea...and how I enjoy the songs of birds, the buzzing of insects and the never-ending melody of the waves lapping against the rugged shores. Rays of sunshine come warming my skin. I am at peace. 
How easy it is to miss all of this.
As a open my eyes, I realize that the sun has pierced through the clouds and the color of the water has changed, intensified.
Is it possible that this short moment of darkness has sharpened my view? Did I not notice the branches moving gently in the wind? And what about the aquatic plants peacefully dancing with the waves...? 

A precious moment. So easy to experience. Just pause and be quiet for only one minute. 
Simply marvelous. 

Andreea =) 

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