Sonntag, 19. April 2015

Leaving the country...

Today is the day, I am leaving the country. Leaving the USA, heading home.
 There is no place like home, and there is no place like America.

 I have loved every single part of this trip. I've seen beautiful and breathtaking sites, I've met people I loved already and others that have joined them. 

I've experienced so much kindness and appreciation everywhere that I will carry a desire to come back here with me, along with the sun, in my heart. 
I am deeply grateful for this time and I know how privileged I am.
Now I am on my way back home and I am so happy to be with you all again, my family and my cherished friends.
Is there anything I could add to share my joy with you ... 
The overall message of this journey has been:
 I am loved - and so are you.
This is a good start into every new  day and every next step.
Be blessed my companions.

Andreea = )

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