Donnerstag, 15. Januar 2015

A(nother) glimpse on our Creator-God

I am often wondering about the mystery of man.
Beauty and creativity seems to be poured into each one of us, so that the little we make of it ,leaves me dumbfounded still.
 Lately, a dear friend would describe in detail, how she is taught to create a desert worthy to be called an explosion of taste and beauty.
,,It's just food" I thought, but then I was inspired to see our Creator-God with new eyes...,,if you people, put so much devotion into thinking up a single dish, how much more the father in heaven, when he designed everyone of us...."

How I love to discover more of the vastness of my beloved God.

This week has started well. Early on Monday I was waiting at ARRIVALS in Zurich airport. Many, many people were standing and waiting with me. 
As I was skipping through the countless faces in search for those I love, I was surprised once more.
How on earth is it possible to recognize, within milliseconds, a familiar face- since we are all made alike ( two eyes, a nose, a mouth...)?
And not only does our brain identify our dear ones, it also releases enthusiastic joy the moment we set eyes on them. 
 I love to ponder on the complexity of humans, because it reveals the author and designer.
Why would God put so much effort in creating us, if he was not truly concerned.

It is Thursday and I am sitting here waiting to hear a unique ringing at the door which will cause my heart to rejoice also... ;)
Life, love, friendship are just some of the numberless hints to me that God cares.
What would you say? 

Andreea = )


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