Freitag, 5. August 2016

Every goodbye is a temptation to harden my heart

Have you ever had that thought:
,, I wish I never met this person, for seeing him/ her leave hurts so much? "

I have.


 And every single time I am tempted to hide or harden my heart, never to hurt again.
It is painful to see those leave, you dearly love.
One of these days has come, again, and my heart is heavy.
But, at a closer look, my heart is heavy with gratefulness, joy, love and good memories. Sweet moments of community that I have added to the gems of my life's treasure chest.

We are wired for community, wired to be connected, and whenever we are experiencing intimacy, we become alive. 
I am privileged to be loved and I believe there is no greater joy.
For this reason, I am determined to not shrink from loving with my whole heart.
I will risk it again, because:
,,To the depth that you can be hurt, you can be loved." Kris Vallotton 
I feel loved. 

May you open your heart to love, more than ever, knowing that goodbyes will certainly come.
And may you experience, that a tender heart cannot break - even when if feels that way 😫.

Andreea = )

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