Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2016

Sound or music...?

Oh how I love sounds.
They are all around us. 
Some of them are just noise, but some are stories and music.
And I am not talking about a melody. 
Let me explain : hearing how the steamer of an espresso machine heats the milk in a jar...might be just noise to you, but it is music to me, for it is the sound of coffeemaking and I love it.
Among my favorites, is the sound of our doorbell on Tuesdays,- which tells me, that a beloved one (or two) is coming for lunch -, the waves at the seashore, -that whisper to me about the never ending grace and mercy of God -, birds singing on a spring morning- saying: ,,you may sing in the night, for the day will certainly come" -, rain pouring down on a roof - speaking of the abundant love and care of my Heavenly Father-, or the sound of the rumbling motorbike when my dear husband comes home...
Sounds often tell a story and I am determined to listen.

A very precious sound to me is the voice of a friend. I might be standing in a crowd of people but this voice stands out and makes my heart sing; it's music.

Above all, I love the sound of worship, hearts that unite in a song.
Today I was privileged to join, as hundreds were bringing their praise  in songs and prayers that spoke of the greatness and meekness of our God. What a blissful moment.

May you listen to the ,music' around you today and may you discover the hidden truths they are 
ready to reveal. 

Andreea =) 

By the way, what is your favorite sound and the story ? 

2 Kommentare:

  1. I definitly love the sond of sour voice, it awake in me the feeling or tell me: I am at home, not alone and loved!