Sonntag, 28. Januar 2018

Why does Gods command us

Why would God command us, if HE loved us?
I do not question the fact of His love for us at all, but I do wonder sometimes, how commanding and -my view of - love match up. May I propose, that a loving God simply knows what we really need, but we often don’t...
Let’s pick just two demands of God.
..Be thankful in all things”
Does God not know how challenging our lives are? I reckon HE does, but HE also knows the power of a thankful heart. It is trusting God more, than we can understand. Trusting the ONE  who is for us, releases joy and hope even in the midst of trouble. Exactly what we need.
We have all heard about being grateful, but what about his command to be hospitable?
Doesn’t HE know, how busy our lives are? Doesn’t HE, see our circumstances, our finances?
We often don’t feel ready to host someone else, unless we have come to a place of rest ourselves. Doesn’t HE know, we do not have enough room?
I reckon HE does. And this is exactly why HE calles us out, to open our  homes and hearts.
Every single time, we choose to do that, we end up blessed, enriched, encouraged, alive.
 May we trust God‘s commands to be a secret indicator to what we truly need.
Be blessed

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