Mittwoch, 27. September 2017

What- if....

Usually the ,what-ifs' are to be avoided because they can make you walk in circles, and you never come to a place of contentment where you're at right now. This is why I actually avoid them.

But there is a specific version of ,what-ifs' that make my heart burst with gladness. I am soaking on those just now. 

Because these ,what -ifs' make me realize, that some of the most precious people in my life have come alongside me when I had walked down another path then usual...what if I had never had the pleasure and privilege to meet impossible thought indeed. Bottom line: 

I took that road, I met them and I am blessed. 

But what if I had never met them? Well, I guess I would be sleeping right now and not writing blogs about them ;) 

May you take a moment and thank God for the Ones that conjure a smile on your face...

Andreea = )

1 Kommentar:

  1. That is the truth for you and me! And it is our story since then.
    What it we had stop to fight for our love?

    Thank you ... you make me smile and happy!!