Freitag, 29. September 2017


What makes a friend? 
Is it really just a click on FB? 

Many years ago I heard a definition I really like:
,, A friend is that person you would call if you were stuck on a road in Italy at three in the morning."
The problem: I never drive to Italy at night. So how would I know who is my friend? 

Here just SOME truths I have experienced.
A friend loves being with you, for nothing but the pleasure of spending time.
A friend asks the right questions and is not afraid of the answers. 
A friend has the freedom to be in any mood around you and vice versa. 
A friend knows when to be silent and when not to be. 
A friend is there on a special occasion. 
A friend laughs with you and prays with you. 
A friend can cheer you up and cheer you on. 
A friend will let you see into his heart, because he has seen yours. 
Friends share their passion with you and their fears. 
Friends share meals with you, play games with you, reserve seats, reserve your birthday in advance, friends hug you, forgive you, write to you and like you-  even when you don't. 

Some friends are some of this, or all of this and much more.
Friends are priceless but never cheap. 
May you be such a friend and have such friends. 
Be blessed. I am. 

Andreea = ) 

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