Montag, 13. April 2015

God is American...

I have been taught that God is Welsh
( see Mr. Davies, I was listening😉), but I always believed he is German. 
Now I know: He actually must be American.
This may sound funny, but there is thruth here.
I believe God chose every culture to reflect facets of his character and it seems to me, that Germans reflect his love for accuracy, diligence honesty and the wish for improvement.  
Nevertheless this trip to America has deeply touched my soul. 
Americans have been there, alongside me, as long as I can think.
I have always had a secret love for them in my heart, so unsurprisingly I feel very much at ease in their beautiful country.

These people know how to make you feel welcomed and cherished, beyond my wildest expectations.
They seem to breath friendliness, genuine positivity, encouragement and a willingness to help, everywhere. I am utterly in love with this place. ( Precious, you were right!!)
Oh, how I wish we could learn from another, to create a culture that combines the strengths of all nations.

Joyful diligence, kind accuracy, the willingness to improve while seeing all the good that has already been accomplished and and honest delight in serving and helping, this is what I want my life to be reflecting.

I find a ready welcome with strangers talking to me and other women pass me a compliment about my dress or my hairstyle... I feel special. 

I don't want to make this a theology, BUT I do believe that God must be American...

Andreea = )

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