Freitag, 22. August 2014

Blessed Community

Sitting here on my terrace, this little piece of paradise.
What a bliss. I truely love my life. I appreciate the many gifts my heavenly father is lavishly pouring on me. I often tend to take them for granted, but I am teachable.

This house we are living in, for example, is a huge blessing. I feel so very privileged for being able to welcome people from all over this world. Did Jesus say to go ..? The world seems to come to our home ;)
These last weeks were stunning. The people who have met around our dining table represent three continents. They come from New Zealand, Australia, El Salvador, USA, Poland, Switzerland and good old Germany. They travel the world and meet here. How precious. Their stories are unique and getting to know them, greatly enriches our life. 
Some come to stay- in our hearts at least.  

I am grateful, for I understand that people are supposed to be the most precious gift of all. A community of people who are willing to open their hearts and life to others, who encourage, inspire and support each other, is as close to the original plan as it gets.
In months and years to come I might discover how these connections were orchestrated by the Creator, composed to bless.

The quietness of this moment makes up for the activity of the last days. I love both; I need both.

Have you been among those who shared a moment of life with us? Then I give thanks to you and I pray, that you have been blessed also.
May we open our hearts and homes and be caught unawares, by the blessedness of fellowship.

Andreea = )

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